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Nellie and IMy girls, Thelma & Bella

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The history of my business:
It began in 2004 by my teaching my new German Shepherd (pictured above & below) how to walk again after being hit by a car shortly before I adopted her at age 3.

People on the street began to ask me about her and if I was a dog walker and began to ask me to walk their dogs. My affinity for special needs dogs caused me to focus my attention to the needs of rescues which led to my dog walking service. I have had 4 rescue dogs (2 have passed) and 3 rescue cats since 1998 all with special needs or severe physical problems (one of my two Boxers, Thelma pictured above with Bella, had been a homeless dog with advanced Cancer) and my German Shepherd, Bella has ongoing hip issues from her injuries now 12. My new dog, Apollo an Austrailian Kelpie was severely beaten and has finally come out of his shell after being terrified of men.

Are you looking for a dog walker that can deal with all breeds and personalities of dogs? I have a lot of experience in working with dogs that need special attention and/or socialization with other dogs as well as dogs with on-leash aggression issues. I also provide services for cats and birds. Dogs with behavioral issues respond well to me. My favorite breeds are German Shepherds and Boxers.

If you're like me, your pets have become family members. When you can't be home for them, whether because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them to receive the kind of love and attention that you give them, and have them remain on the same feeding schedule and outings essential to their daily lives. That is exactly the attention to detail that I provide. I understand that structure is an important component of your pet's well-being, happiness and sense of belonging.

I provide personal service and only walk dogs from one to two household at a time and do not do group walks unless requested but never more than 4 dogs at one time. I service the Castro area only on foot.

Pet services include...
Daily Walks
Administration of medicine
Litterbox cleaning
*I do not board pets*

I can also provide various home services such as making it appear that your house is occupied to be a crime deterrent. I can also coordinate meeting vendors for you such as FED-EX/UPS, housekeeper, gardener, etc. Choose the schedule and services you want, and I'll do the rest. I will text you daily with photos and updates while you are away.

Home services include...
Watering plants
Bringing in newspapers/mail
Turning on/alternating lights, music or TV
Opening/closing blinds
Carrying trash in/out

My fees are $25 per walk for 30 minutes.
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