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Nellie (Camille Hart)
Darrin Frazier has been taking care of my dog for over 4 years. He has provided excellent service. Darrin often goes beyond what is expected. Not only does Darrin walk my dog 1x a week, but he also cares for her when I travel. My dog has always been happy upon my return and this is a sure way to know his services are worth every penny!Should you want to chat live, please ask Darrin for my contact information.

Samantha (Rachel & Mike)

If you love your pets like they are family, you want someone like Darrin Frazier helping you care for them. We hired Darrin to walk our beloved Puggle Samantha 2 days per week. 

After meeting with Darrin, we instantly felt comfortable giving him the keys to our home and trusted him to give Samantha exercise and care while we were at work. He was loving and affectionate with her, and Samantha grew attached to Darrin and his wonderful dog Bella in no time. 

Sam was an older dog and did not always warm to other pets in our home, but she was always calm and comfortable in Bella's presence. Darrin never missed a walk, and if we were out of town certain weeks, he was flexible and accommodating with make-up walks. 

Samantha died tragically and unexpectedly a few months ago. Darrin was incredibly supportive and kind during a time of great sadness for us, and we are forever grateful for all the love he has given our family. We look forward to the time when we are ready to welcome new dogs into our life, and I can honestly say that Darrin is the only person we will hire when that time comes.

Mancha DIED (R.I.P.) on March 11, 2012. She is missed and is loved by all who knew her.

Mancha (Hugh Lurie)               Bella's Soul-Mate
Darrin has been caring for Mancha for over 3 years now (through good and bad).  When my Manch ripped through my apartment's cheap walls for a "great escape." Darrin noticed her on the street, quickly called my office and kept her safe at my house till I could get back home. 

During a busy work period for me, Darrin acted as day nurse following my pup's abdominal surgery coming to my house several times a day. Although people friendly, Mancha has issues with many dogs. After trying SPCA's "Growly Dog" classes, turned to Darrin who made gains in a matter of weeks. This effect seems most pronounced when I used Darrin for daily walks. This fellow has keys to my home and has provided fantastic overnight sitting.

Madison (Charlie & Allison Dudas)

Whom It May Concern: 

My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing our neighbor, Darrin Frazier for the last two years. We met him when he moved next door to us in Cole Valley. After getting to know each other a little, we found out that he has an avid love for all animals and loves caring for them.

We have a cat named Madison and in the fall of 2008 we found ourselves in need of a pet sitter. Lucky for us, we had Darrin to ask! The first time Darrin watched Madison was during the week of Thanksgiving in 2008.

He took such great care of her (brushing her, giving her catnip, checking in on her daily, putting music on for her) that we asked him to watch her over Christmas just a few weeks later. We were gone for over a week and were so relieved to come home to a relaxed cat-completely unfazed by our absence!

The third time Darrin watched Madison was from April 9 to April 18 of 2009. As always, he updated us via email to let us know how she was and gave her a lot of love and affection. Again, we returned to a relaxed and happy cat! 

Darrin has continued to be our one and only pet sitter and we turned to him again in August for a week (August 8 to August 15) while we were on vacation as well as over Christmas for another week.   

We feel so comfortable with Darrin and trust him completely. Through him we have gotten to know his amazing dog, Bella, who is unlike any dog we have ever met. Our cat can be extremely difficult and unfriendly and Bella would frequently stop by with Darrin and do just fine with Madison (which was almost shocking to owners of a kind of neurotic cat!). 

Bella would give our cat her space and be as friendly as ever to us. It was our pleasure to let them both into our home. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions about Darrin. We are so happy to be references for him.

Allison and Charlie Dudas
(617) 869-7559,

Ms. Tapa VIII (deceased) & Ms. Tapa VIIII (new puppy)

Darrin Frazier was our dog walker, for about a year and a half, for our female Boxer who passed away 8 weeks ago. He was the perfect dog walker, bonding with our pooch, loving and devoted to her at all times and especially in the trying 4 months of her illness which led to her passing. Our Miss Tapa VIII didn't like other dogs but she loved Darrin's dog, Bella. They had a loving relationship.

Darrin is a man totally worthy of trust. He had our house keys and spent time updating us after returning from walking with her. He is a very caring and sensitive person. He has our highest, enthusiastic recommendation as a dog walker. Darrin currently walks our new puppy and she loves him. Maurice & Joanne Jonas (415) 863-3268

Tito (Stella Ling & Brian Milman)

We have nothing but great things to say about our dog walker, Darrin Frazier. He is the most responsible, sensitive dog walker, and would always go the extra mile to attend to your dog’s specific needs.

Darrin is the kind of person who would come on time, and call in advance if he was running late. We also specifically request him to wipe our dog’s paws after a walk in the park, and he has gladly done this for us. We highly recommend him to anyone!

Frankie (David Phillips)

Darrin has cared for my French Bulldog, Frankie for the past four years. He is a fantastic dog walker and a very kind, caring person.

Frankie is a sweetly stubborn dog and requires special attention, something Darrin has always been happy to provide. He really loves each animal that he cares for and gives one-on-one attention. When Frankie doesn't want to go outside (which is a lot of the time!) he will play with her inside instead.

Darrin has keys to my home and has taken care of my little gremlin for years. He is very trustworthy and thoughtful. There's always a light on for Frankie when I get home, even when I forget to leave it on myself.

Oh, and his dog Bella is a sweetheart! Frankie loves chasing her and receiving those big Bella Kisses. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darrin to anyone.

Scottie (Margie J.)

I wholeheartedly recommend my neighbor, Darrin to care for your dog. He has cared for Scottie (my rat terrier/chihuahua mix) on multiple occasions mostly when I go away on extended trips; he and Bella come and sleep in my apartment to keep him company. I am so pleased to see how Scottie has grown to love his Uncle Darrin!

Darrin will undoubtedly shower Scottie with love, attention, hugs, kisses... you name it. I have no reservations whatsoever knowing that Scottie is in good hands. I even receive email messages while I am away. I could be sight-seeing all day in a foreign city, and it is the BEST gift to see a little update from Darrin (complete with pictures) on what my pup has been up to from miles away! 

I feel so blessed that I met Darrin as I couldn't ask for a better dog-sitter/dog walker. 5 stars.

Bela (Kerry Gibson)

Darrin has been walking my Golden Retriever for over a year. He walks/exercises her every day. I never worry about her while she is under his care. He takes great care of her and obviously has a tremendous love for animals. When she is sick, he always checks in with me to see how she is doing. He's attentive to her needs and lets me know if he notices something out of the ordinary.

He's also willing to take her to the vet when needed and will be as flexible as possible with his schedule. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to someone else!

Gus & Bruce (Tim & Meadow)

If Gus, the dog, could type, he would write the following: "I love Darrin. He is so much fun and he takes me for great walks and even spends extra time petting my cat sister when he comes over. I love his nice, calm dog Bella too. I give him five stars."

Dyna (Andrea S.)

We've been using Darrin to take care of our 2 large dogs, Dyna & Bentley and our parrot and he and Bella stay at our house when we go on long vacations. Darrin loves dogs and does an amazing job.

The dogs love him and we can go away and not worry about our animals. There are not many people comfortable with a bird, but Darrin has had one in the past and Socks (Socrates) loves the attention when we are gone. We highly recommend Darrin.

Snickers & Doodles (John H.)

Darrin is very dependable and responsible. He truly adores and enjoys dogs and cats! He is sensitive to the needs of each pet as he recognizes their individual differences. 

Darrin manages challenges well when he is confronted with pet care.He goes our of his way to please our special friends! See my Yelp review & rating.

Stella (Nicole Lindner)

When Darrin asked me to write a letter of recommendation, I was more than happy to oblige! Darrin came into our lives via friends (see Samantha-Rachel & Mike above) who couldn't speak highly enough about him. As I quickly discovered, they were absolutely right.

Darrin was able to put my newly adopted (and quite anxious) dog at ease, thanks in part to his faithful sidekick, Bella. Having another dog as calm and well adjusted as Bella around helped immensely, especially at the beginning. Now of course, they're best of friends. Darrin is completely trustworthy; I didn't think twice about giving him keys to my apartment.

And for those of you who have a busy schedule like me, Darrin is always flexible and willing to work with you. In the end, his main concern is always about what's best for your dog, which makes it easy to leave him/her in his care.I couldn't imagine having anyone else walk my dog!

Some of my previous clients (NO LETTERS/PICTURES):

Neighbors: Nacho & Della & Bella

Haley & her daughter, Comet

Zoey (Boxer) & her brother, Simon

Chico asleep & snoring against Bella

Next door neighbor, Byron

Neighbors: No Picture for cats, Gobo & Mokey (Rick S.)
As disturbingly overprotective pet parents, we are inordinately picky about who we're going to leave our two cats with on the rare occasions we actually go anywhere. 

Leaving them with Darrin means we can be confident that they'll still be there when we get back, and they won't even have torn the house up. That sounds backhanded, but no, they really are demonic little balls of energy/fluff, and Darrin deals with them expertly. We wouldn't trust them with anybody else.

No picture of Mater (male Boxer)
Meagan & Jason M.

Darrin walked our boxer while we were out of town for the holidays. He took very good care of our dog as if he was his own, which was a big source of comfort to us. We would definitely recommend Darrin and will use him again in the future.

No picture of Spike "The Sausage"
Poppy P.

My neighbor Darrin is GREAT and has tons of energy and it's obvious that the dogs all love him back. Totally recommend. Spike says "Hi Uncle Darrin!"

Calvin the Catahoula who was a former neighbor (90 pounds in this pic). The dog that started it all!

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